We’ve started a list of Frequently Asked Questions we get about our Invader ZIM Fan Convention – InvaderCON.  We will update the list if we get questions over and over again via email, Facebook, Twitter… hence the phrase “frequently” in F.A.Q.

1. Will there be a second InvaderCON?

Yes. It already happend.  It was called InvaderCON II: DOOMCON.  It was epic.  It was also the last InvaderCON.

2. I heard that there will be a THIRD InvaderCON?  Is this true?

We made a promise at InvaderCON II: DOOMCON that if Invader ZIM returns to Nickelodeon with new episodes, then (and only then) would we do a third InvaderCON.  Otherwise – no.  DOOMCON was the last one.

3. What was the SURPRISE everyone was talking about at InvaderCON II: DOOMCON?

Wally Wingert, the voice of Tallest Red, appeared as an unannounced guest at the convention.  He sat in on the Ultimate Panel of DOOM, signed autographs, and attended the Dinner of DOOM!

4. I heard that InvaderCON III: MORE DOOM will take place in Pontiac, Michigan.

Not true because: A.) there will be no InvaderCON III, B.) Richard Horvitz made it up, and C.) there will be no InvaderCON III.

5. What is with all of the “cloudy” references?

During a Saturday panel at InvaderCON 2011, Richard Horvitz told story about a conversation he and the staff had while working on Invader ZIM about Yoda from Star Wars.  The gist of it was the Yoda was seemingly an “all powerful Jedi,” yet he couldn’t see something as obvious as the impending threat of the Sith.  When asked a question, Richard would reply in a Yoda-like voice: “Cloooudy.”  This became a running joke for the entire weekend.

6. I went to the Room With a Moose panel at InvaderCON 2011 and the RWaM website team weren’t there.  What happened?

Great question!  We contacted RWaM before the convention to confirm their events and then none of their staff ever showed up.  Afterwards, we got an email from one of their team stating that they has lost the password to their email address and (thus) never got the information.  Oddly, none of the staff showed up at InvaderCON… of if they did, they never made themselves known.

7. Who ran InvaderCON and when is their next convention?

InvaderCON is run by Green Mustard Entertainment (also known as Wasabi Anime.)  Their website (listing upcoming events) is www.greenmustard.com.