InvaderCON II: DOOMCON is expected to be a busy weekend with a large number of fans traveling the globe to celebrate Invader ZIM.  With that in mind, the event team wants to make sure you plan your weekend accordingly by keeping you “in the know” in advance.  Here’s information regarding acquiring autographs during the convention.

  • Not all InvaderCON guests will be available for autographs.
  • InvaderCON does charge additional fees for autographs during guests signings.  This is so we can keep the general admission price lower and more accessible to families and traveling attendees.  Each autograph, voicemail, etc. is usually $20.  Actual prices will be posted at the convention.
  • Some InvaderCON guests will also have additional items (CDs, prints, etc.) for sale at various prices.
  • Due to the limited signing times, we encourage InvaderCON attendees to get autographs as early as possible.  While the staff (and guests) regret having to turn away fans in line, it can happen due to scheduling.  In short: if you want to get an autograph at the convention, go to the earliest signing that you can!
  • Please do not approach our non-signing guests for autographs at the convention.  These guests are limited in time and availability and are doing us a favor by making room in very busy schedules to appear at the celebration for all the fans at panels.  Please respect them and their time.
  • Be respectful when you meet the guests.  Inappropriate behavior when meeting an InvaderCON guest can result in your removal from the convention without a refund.
We want everyone (fans AND guests) to have a once in a lifetime experience at InvaderCON II: DOOMCON.  Please work with us to help assure this happens and have a great time!