Weapons Policy

InvaderCON understands that props and replicas are very often an important part of costumes, cosplay, and our attendees’ overall convention experience.  That said, we do have certain guidelines that we ask you to adhere to in order to make our event a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Attendees are asked not carry any working weapon, openly or concealed, at any time at or around the event hotel and/or convention center including all parking areas.  Working weapons include (but are not limited to) firearms and ammunition of any kind: air-soft weapons, arrows, axes, BB guns, blow guns, bows, brass knuckles, cap guns, chains, clubs, daggers, explosives, hand guns, hatchets, katanas, knives, mace, martial arts weapons, nunchaku, paintball guns, pellet guns, pepper spray, pole arms, rifles, shotguns, staffs, switchblades, swords, sword canes, and tazers.

Any weapons, whether real or replica, purchased in the vendors room and/or artists alley must be kept wrapped and then immediately removed from event space following purchase.

Laser pointers or similar devices may not be used in public unless you are hosting a scheduled panel or event.

Any and all prop weapons and replicas being used as part of a costume must be submitted to InvaderCON registration for review.  If approved, said costume element will be peace bonded by management.  APPROVAL OF PROP WEAPONS AND REPLICAS IS PURELY AT THE DISCRETION OF EVENT MANAGEMENT, LOCATION MANAGEMENT, AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES ON SITE.  We will do our best to make our determinations based on the safety of our attendees without impacting the integrity of your costume, but all decisions are final.

Approval of prop weapons and replicas can be revoked at any time for any reason including, but not limited to, the item being brandished/displayed inappropriately or complaints from attendees/guests/staff/vendors.

Violation of this weapons policy is not only grounds for being ejected from the convention, but also being banned from all future Green Mustard Entertainment events.

Thank you for helping us build an entertaining and safe convention experience for all our attendees!