JVP (the Jhonen Vasquez Package) is going on sale… HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Jhonen Vasquez has agreed to attend InvaderCON II: DOOMCON.  His time, though, will be limited during the two-day convention so we have worked with him to create a unique and unforgettable experience for one hundred and fifty (150) of our attendees.  Thus: the JVP (Jhonen Vasquez Package.)

JVP tickets are limited to one hundred and fifty (150) total:

  • 75 JVPs for Saturday
  • 75 JVPs for Sunday

Each JVP ticket is $111.  The “Jhonen Vasquez Package” includes the following:

  1. An Exclusive InvaderCON II: DOOMCON Limited Edition Print by Jhonen Vasquez.  Each print will be signed by Jhonen before you put your grubby little hands on it.
  2. VIP Seating for all of Jhonen’s panel appearances for the weekend.  This includes the Ultimate Panel of DOOM the Saturday of InvaderCON featuring all of the guests from the convention.  The first couple of rows will be reserved for our JVPs so they can feel the sweat from the actors, writers, and Jhonen as they regale you with stories of working on some cartoon (or something.)
  3. An Exclusive JVP Laminate.  This is the thing you wear around your neck to let everyone know how special you are.  This also prevents us from kicking you out of the reserved seating area during Jhonen’s panels.
  4. Entry to the Private Autograph Signing Session with Jhonen (Saturday or Sunday.)  Currently, these are the ONLY scheduled times that Jhonen will be signing autographs during the convention.  Along with your already signed print (see #1) Jhonen will sign up to two (2) other items you bring to the convention during this signing.  No noisy crowd of millions of people… just Jhonen, a sharpie, and you.

NOTE: You must purchase an admission to InvaderCON II: DOOMCON in order to buy a JVP.  The JVP does NOT include your admission into the convention.

As with all ticket purchases for InvaderCON – this disclaimer applies: http://www.invadercon.com/tickets/disclaimer/

TICKETS GO ON SALE MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2012 AT 8:55 PM PACIFIC TIME.  The Dinner of DOOM! and I’m Makin’ Waffles Breakfast both sold out in a matter of hours.  Don’t miss out on this (final) premium event we’re offering!

You can get your tickets here: http://doomcon.eventbrite.com/


  1. Invader Jillz

    I can’t believe I missed the chance to get Dinner of Doom and I’m Making Waffles Breakfast tickets! :'(((((( It sucks because I’m two hours behind pacific time! :'(

  2. Kailey

    Hello 😛 I just wanted to ask you guys something. Why do you have conventions for? I don’t know the purpose for them, I just guessed that you guys would use the money you get from selling tickets to get Zim back on t.v. and stuff.

  3. InvaderEyeball

    Does that mean all the tickets for dinner of doom tickets all sold out or are they selling additional ones with the JVP?

  4. The Tallest

    Dinner of DOOM! and I’m Makin’ Waffles Breakfast are both sold out.

  5. The Tallest

    We just like making fun conventions. :)

  6. I’m four hours ahead of Pacific time and I’m glad I got my JVP and Breakfast tickets.

  7. Comet15

    If you have parent gaurdian with you do they need to tag along with the JVP?
    Well what i mean is would they also need to buy one cause of the seating on the Ultimate Panel of DOOM or Can a 12 year old go and sit alone at the Ultimate Panel of DOOM?

  8. Kailey

    Oh OK lol Awesome :)

  9. InvaderEyeball

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!DARN IT! When did the extra tickets go on sale?

  10. When will you update the schedule for Invadercon?

  11. When and where is invaderCON O_O


  13. Kimberley

    You guys are lucky you can attend, I live in England, UK (United Kingdom) and cant attend at all :'( xx

  14. I am getting soooooooooo excited! Ready or not L.A. here we come!

  15. Uhnz so glad it’s in Cali this time and I don’t have to beg for hours to fly to georgia.
    SO EXCITED. I’ve wanted to meet Jhonen for about 8 years now. It’s gonna happen. ;▽;

  16. When is he gonna be signing? I have a JVP for sunday, but I don’t know what time it’s going to be at.

  17. The Tallest

    The final schedule will be available at the con, but look at Events for general time idea.

  18. Thank you 😀
    And for the autograph session, will I need a student ID for identification in order to enter? Or will my father’s be enough?

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