No – His head isn’t THAT big, but Andy is going to have to miss InvaderCON II: DOOMCOM

Due to an unforeseen conflict in work scheduling, Andy “Dib” Berman will not be in Southern California during the weekend of InvaderCON II: DOOMCON.  As stated on our Guests page, many of our Guests are working professionals in the entertainment industry and can, at a moment’s notice, be called away due to work commitments.  Mr. Berman has been scheduled to be out of the state to do work on some television program regarding a pineapple or something.

He regrets missing out on the energy and excitement he shared (survived?) at the first InvaderCON, and hopes everyone has an enjoyable weekend.  We wish him the best and hope to have him involved in future Green Mustard Entertainment conventions!


  1. Invader Panda and Sky

    Aww!! Nooooo!! Me and my sister (mostly my sister) were looking forward to him being there…

    Oh well, I understand how he is busy and has a lot more important things to do then attend a convention. :p

  2. InvaderMurr

    NOOO! He’s one of the main reasons I decided to attend!

    But I guess he has more important things to do…

  3. Christina

    Not Andy! D: I was hoping to see him again. I guess I took it for granted that nobody would have to bail out.

  4. Awwww…I haven`t seen him in awhile oh well.

  5. Rachel

    SO disappointed! For a whole con to revolve around Invader Zim and the second main cast member can’t come….the conversations between all of them was going to be the best part. AND there will be one missing autograph!!!! BOOO!!

  6. ANDY NO.


  7. NOO! Depressing but i understand that his work on Psych is now a top priority for him.
    Still it would have been super awesome to see him there.. I guess I’ll have to survive on his many cameos in Psych. Really Andy? An avalanche? You had to drink your own WHAT?!

  8. -sob- nooooo, my favorite character! T___T noooooooo…. whyyy this happen. I am so sad.


  9. Greg Salata

    Andy is a top notch guy. If there was a way for him to make it, even for part of the con, he would be there.

  10. I'm made of WALL CANDY (ledpaint)

    It is obvious what we must do…
    Destroy ALL The Pineapples
    Don’t try to rationalize this situation!!
    Your mind will either implode from the brilliance and realization of this grand idea or you’ll simple become very confused and get a migraine…

  11. InvaderEyeball

    this just ruined the experience by like 29 percent. :'( HE WAS THE MAIN REASON I WAS GOING!!! I hope I can move on lol

  12. ;_; Aw, Andy, I wish you’d be there, even for just one panel. You’re awesome, Dib’s my favorite character, and you just can’t have Zim without Dib. I hope your Psych shenanigans are fun, at least! I’m really grateful to have met you at the first InvaderCON – you were the highlight, I have to admit. My sister and I will miss you!

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