InvaderCON Preview Panel

Coming from out of town to InvaderCON?  Arriving early to get all “ZIMMY” before the convention?  Then stop by the Preview Panel on Friday night!

The Preview Panel is a chance to gain early access to some of the guests from InvaderCON and get premier behind the scenes access regarding the creation of this unique event.

Not enough to make you want to come?


WE’VE GOT PRIZES!  Pick up your registration early starting at 7:00 PM Friday night and you’ll gain access to the panel where we’ll be giving away Invader ZIM merchandise donate by our fine friends at Nickelodeon. (Special thanks to Tiffany Figueroa and Monique Prince!)

So to recap:

  1. Pick up (or buy) your weekend pass starting at 7:00 PM.
  2. Get into the Preview Panel in Main Events.
  3. See some of the InvaderCON guests early.
  4. Learn about the upcoming convention weekend.
  5. Win free stuff!

See you there!

Location: Main Events

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  1. InvaderEyeball

    full schedule? Shouldn’t it be up tonite?

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