Opening Ceremonies

It’s Saturday morning at the convention!  You got there early and picked up your ticket at Registration when they opened at 9:00 AM… now what?

Opening Ceremonies!

Join us as we introduce the guests and staff at the encore InvaderCON Invader ZIM fan convention.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll even throw some free stuff into the audience.  We like free stuff – and Nickelodeon has given us a bunch of it to give away! (Special thanks to Tiffany Figueroa and Monique Prince!)

Location: Main Events


  1. InvaderEyeball

    YAY NUMBER UNO! SO EXCITED. see this is a true fan, staying up till midnight (its that here) to see stuff.

  2. The Tallest


  3. schizodolph

    Are we able to pick up our tickets on Friday so we don’t have to wait in a really long line?

  4. The Tallest

    Weekend passes only – yes.

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