Panel of Ultimate DOOM!

This the THE panel to see at InvaderCON II: DOOMCON.  Seating is limited to 950, so make sure you get there early!

The panel will feature all of our guests at InvaderCON at one panel together discussing their memories of working on the show.  Many of our guests haven’t seen each other since they worked together on Invader ZIM over ten years ago, so this will be a unique opportunity for them as much as it is for the fans.  Also – that surprise we’ve been mentioning on Facebook and Twitter… yeah.  It directly applies to this panel.

The following guests are slated to appear at the panel.  PLEASE NOTE that the line up could change at any time due to scheduling conflict, alien abductions, etc.

  • Aaron Alexovich
  • Eric Trueheart
  • Ian Graham
  • Jason Stiff
  • Jhonen Vasquez
  • Melissa Fahn
  • Richard Horvitz
  • Rikki Simons
  • Rodger Bumpass
  • ???

Location: Main Events

JVP Seating Is Reserved for this panel.


  1. You could go to this one without a JVP pass right?

  2. The Tallest

    Correct. This panel is open to all attendees. JVP holders, though, get the first couple of rows.

  3. Violet

    Is there a certain age requirement to attend any of these panels or contests?

  4. The Tallest

    All panels are considered “PG-13.”

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