60 Minutes in a Room with Jhonen Vasquez Sitting at You

You ever see the movie Fight Club?  You know how, in the movie, rule number one about Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club?  Well, this panel is similar.

Rule Number One of the Jhonen Panel is “Don’t Be That Screaming Fangirl” in the Panel.


That said – join Mr. Vasquez for sixty fun filled minutes of him on stage.  Sitting.

Directly at you.

Location: Main Events

JVP Seating Is Reserved for this panel.


  1. InvaderEyeball

    Do you need a JVP pass for this one?

  2. The Tallest

    No. This panel is open to everyone. The JVP holders, though, have the first couple of rows reserved.

  3. InvaderCye

    Sit with Jhonen, I would end up passing out then scream, but I would love to meet him!

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