Project “Get @RichardHorvitz VERIFIED on Twitter”

TwitterHey InvaderCON fans!  We have a project we’d like to undertake and we need your help.  It has to do with Twitter.

You see, Richard Horvitz, the popular voice actor behind the title character from Invader ZIM isn’t Twitter verified.  Why is this important, you ask?  A couple of reasons.

First, verification of people notable in pop culture help fans know that an account is THE authentic account for a person.  That way fans KNOW that they are following the real celebrity!

Secondly, it helps avoid confusion that can be caused by overzealous fans who create other accounts.  For example, in 2011 someone created a fake Richard Horvitz Facebook account.  This caused confusion among fans and the fake account started interacting with fans in a less than positive way.

Richard loves using Twitter as a conduit for communicating with his fans – and we here at Team InvaderCON would like to see him VERIFIED!

This is where you come in.

We want to start an online push to get Richard’s account verified by Twitter.  So if you have a Twitter account, copy and paste this and post it from your Twitter:

Hey @Twitter & @Verified: Please verify @RichardHorvitz’s account so fans can know he’s the genuine guy. Thanks! #VerifyZIM

That’s it! Remember to mention @Twitter, @Verified, and @RichardHorvitz. Use hashtag #VerifyZIM to help track the momentum and (with a little luck) maybe Twitter will get the voice of our favorite Irkin invader VERIFIED.

After you post your own post, you can also re-tweet @InvaderCON‘s post, too. Here it is:

…so go forth, and #VerifyZIM!!!


  1. When will we receive the schedule of events for the 2014 Invader Con event?

  2. We are creating it now and should have it completed next week. You’ll be able to download it in advance on your smartphone via the Guidebook app!

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