Reserve your hotel room NOW!

As of today you can OFFICIALLY make your hotel reservations for InvaderCON!  CLICK THIS LINK or call 404-325-0000 and ask for the “InvaderCON” rate.

It is very important that you make your reservation using the InvaderCON code/rate.  We have a contest planned for everyone who is staying at the hotel for the convention – and the winner will be picked from everyone staying in the InvaderCON room block.

If you have already made a reservation – email and we will have the hotel list your room under the InvaderCON block so you can be eligible.

Rooms under the InvaderCON rate and room block are limited – so reserve yours today!


  1. Christina Price

    If we book online, can we still ask for the InvaderCON rate? Or can we only do that over the phone?

  2. The Tallest

    If you make the reservation online, click any of the links on this page. They all take you to the landing page for the InvaderCON rate. Here’s the link again:

  3. Christina Price

    Thank you! ^^

  4. Michelle

    I went to the link and the dates it gave me were for 3/24-3/26. Is that right? :/

  5. The Tallest

    @Michelle: The event is Saturday (March 26) and Sunday (March 27). Hence folks coming from out of town usually opt to stay Friday (March 25) and Saturday March 26). Some folks are planning on getting there earlier (such as staff) so March 24 is also offered.

    You can adjust what nights you want to stay to your needs, though. :)

  6. Michelle

    I tried adjusting the dates (I’m coming from the Mid-Atlantic myself) and it just says “Group Rate Not Available For Requested Dates” and I’m trying to book for Friday-Monday. Maybe I’ll just call them and find out what the dealio is on that :3

  7. Michelle

    Nevermind. The rate just doesn’t go through for check out on Monday, so looks like I’ll be leaving Sunday after the con after all :) -fail on my part-

  8. Kyndyle

    Ummmm can i reserve now and pay next year or do i have to pay this year???

  9. The Tallest

    @Kyndyle: I believe you need a credit card to make the hotel reservation – but I’m note sure if they need a deposit. Try making a reservation via the link (on the sidebar) and see how it goes.

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