The InvaderCON Dinner of DOOM! (Premium Event)

The Dinner of DOOM 2012

The Dinner of DOOM 2012 with surprise guest Wally Wingert

Starting with the original InvaderCON in 2011, Green Mustard Entertainment has offered an intimate celebrity dinner experience called The Dinner of DOOM!  At this premium event, attendees are invited to enjoy a quiet dinner (well, as quiet as anything can be with Richard Horvitz around) with the convention’s celebrity guests. For InvaderCON III: FINAL DOOM, we made these tickets initially available to our Kickstarter supporters – but we held a few back “just in case” and they will be available at the event!


Ticket holders for the Dinner of DOOM must be at the Workshops Room (Austin Room) at the Marriott at 8:15 PM lined up in the order of their wristband.  You are seated in the order of your ticket purchase on Eventbrite (or, subsequently, at the door.)  Do not be late!


This year’s dinner will be presented as an Italian Dinner Buffet! Salads: Caprese salad Caesar salad with parmesan croutons Rotini pasta salad Selection of Two Entrées Chicken parmesan in a marinara sauce Lasagna (vegetable) Sides Red bliss potatoes Italian bread with herb olive oil Dessert Cheesecake with cappuccino whipped cream and dark chocolate sauce Italian lemon cream cake Drinks Freshly brewed Starbucks coffee, decaffeinated coffee and TAZO tea selection Note: Please let of know of any food allergies you are dealing with as you are being seated.  The kitchen is more than happy to accommodate all requests!


There are five tables (seating ten persons each) with the following guests in attendance: Eric Trueheart Melissa Fahn Richard Horvitz Rikki Simons & Tavisha Wolfgarth Simons Rodger Bumpass


We will host prize drawings throughout the evening for attendees of the Dinner.  That’s right, YOU COULD WIN FREE STUFF!


There are eleven (11) tickets remaining for the Dinner of DOOM 2014.  Each one is $80 and can be purchased at Event Registration starting Friday night of the convention.

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