Rikki Simons Schedule at #InvaderCON3


The complete schedule is being posted at www.invadercon.com/schedule. PLEASE NOTE that the schedule is subject to change at the event, so watch our social media for updates!

Rikki Simons (GIR) Schedule

1:00 PM – Rikki Signing (AUTOGRAPHS B)
4:00 PM – Rikki Q&A (MAIN EVENTS)
5:00 PM – Kickstarter Panel (MAIN EVENTS) *Exclusive Event, You must have a Kickstarter Badge to get in
6:00 PM – Cast Script Reading (MAIN EVENTS)
8:30 PM – Dinner of DOOM! (WORKSHOPS) *Premium Event, Extra Ticket Required

8:30 AM – The I’m Makin’ WAFFLES Breakfast (MAIN EVENTS) *Premium Event, Extra Ticket Required
11:00 AM – Rikki Q&A (MAIN EVENTS)
12:00 PM – Rikki Signing (AUTOGRAPHS A)
2:00 PM – Rikki Signing (AUTOGRAPHS B)
4:30 PM – Panel of DOOM (MAIN EVENTS)

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