Melissa Fahn Schedule at #InvaderCON3

Melissa Fahn

The complete schedule is being posted at PLEASE NOTE that the schedule is subject to change at the event, so watch our social media for updates!

Melissa Fahn (GAZ) Schedule

3:00 PM – Melissa Q&A (MAIN EVENTS)
4:00 PM – Melissa Signing (AUTOGRAPHS A)
6:00 PM – Cast Script Reading (MAIN EVENTS)
8:30 PM – Dinner of DOOM! (WORKSHOPS) *Premium Event, Extra Ticket Required

8:30 AM – The I’m Makin’ WAFFLES Breakfast (MAIN EVENTS) *Premium Event, Extra Ticket Required
12:00 PM – Melissa Q&A (MAIN EVENTS)
1:00 PM – Melissa Signing (AUTOGRAPHS A)
3:00 PM – Melissa Signing (AUTOGRAPHS A)
4:30 PM – Panel of DOOM (MAIN EVENTS)

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