Soapy Waffles Presents “The Mopiness of Doom!” at InvaderCON

Curious about the new Invader Zim animation group Soapy Waffles? Well, calm that burning curiosity by visiting our panel at the Invader Con! At our panel, visitors can participate in our Q&A, view a slideshow of some of our current Invader Zim episode work, and best of all, catch a glimpse of our newly fan-animated episode “Mopiness of Doom”! No Invader Zim fan should miss this!

Saturday at 4:00 PM in Workshops



  2. is there anybody who like to meet me at invadercon

  3. I would if i could how much dose it cost ind how old do you have to be

  4. i want to know >_>

  5. Do you have to pay for soapy waffles to get in?

  6. Intergalactic Toast

    You… you’re animating un-animated-yet-already-written-before-the-show-was-canceled episodes?
    I think I love you.

  7. @Liz: It doesn’t cost to get into the Soapy Waffles panel, if that’s why you’re wondering >.>

  8. hola soy de Perú quisiera ayudarles porque he creado un nuevo capitulo para invasor zim. Se llama LA VENGANZA DE ULTRA PIPÍ se encuentra en fanfics wiki SUERTE HUMANOS.

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