Invader ZIM Jeopardy – come play it at InvaderCON!

For those of you who think you know everything there is to know about Invader Zim, come and prove it! Invader Zim Jeopardy! will test the limits of your fandom (or just your age) and probably humble a few of you know-it-alls. So come and join Tak, that hideous new girl, as she hosts the most awesome game show ever about the most awesome TV show ever….well, next to Doctor Who, at least ^_^

Win fabulous prizes… Sunday in Workshops at 1:00 PM.


  1. **laughs** Oh man, I would crush, no question about it! XD

  2. Wait, what?!? Tak’s hosting??

  3. Christina

    Arg! My flight leaves at 2 that day. :(
    Consider yourselves spared a crushing defeat!

  4. Ack! Why Sunday! My friend and I RECITE these episodes! No lie! We’re always like, “Hey, you notice that Zim has (blanking in case its in the Jeopardy or somethin) instead of (blank) in (blank)?”

    AHHH! o.e

    She’ll be so disappointed. :(

  5. OHHH MYYYY GOSH. yesssss. Can’t wait for InvaderCON, I am so excited! <3

  6. how can we join? i wanna be in this so bad!!

  7. craaaaaaaaaaap. im going on saturdaaaaaaay. D:

  8. @Q43: I’ll be hosting it cosplaying Tak ^_^

    @taylor: Just show up! I’ll be picking people at random to play.

  9. well if your doing tak me too how good will your costume be?

  10. @jade: Well, that’s not really an answerable question, is it? xD;

  11. can we meet michelle

  12. meet each other

  13. @jade: Errr, we most likely will at InvaderCon ^_^’

  14. Invader Planty

    I hope I can go! Meeting Tak in a gameshow style… I HAVE TO BEG MY MOM 10X AS MUCH! O.O

  15. Oleander

    MAN. I have spent hours studying for this. PREPARE YOURSELVES, EARTH FILTHIES!!!

  16. Michelle

    @ Invader Planty: Begging works wonders on parents 😉
    @ Oleander: Heeee! Awesome! Although a lot of my questions aren’t exactly the kinds of things you can study for. You just have to know them (and be old xD) :3

    I’ve got awesome prizes for this game! 8D

  17. eleanorg

    aw i dont get 2 pwn this :( imma gona b watchin Zim bak home tho ^^

  18. Phoenix

    Oh jeez! I would DOMINATE at this! Sucks that I couldn’t go 😛

  19. Invader Cye

    OMG an Invader Zim Jeopardy and TAK!!!!! is the host that is soooooooo cool i could just xspode LOL I LOVE GIR!!!!

  20. Invader Cye

    P.S. Today Is My Birthday 😀

  21. Invader Bai

    meh,sucks i couldn’t go…but maybe if there’s an InvaderCon 2 (and its close to TN) i might go! And i already know who i’ll be cosplaying as. Im gonna be Zim,my friends going to be Gir,and if pets are allowed,my guinea pig is gonna be mini moose! :) it’ll be epicness!!!

  22. Me and my friend are going to invadercon 2012… SO EXCITED! i wanna meat gir. Because guess what? Today i saw a squirrel! It was doin like this! -munchmunchmunchmunchmunch-



  24. InvaderEyeball

    Ah man hope they have it at 2012 cuz I’ve been studying!

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