The Invader Zim Fan Animated Series (IZFAS) Panel at InvaderCON!

Well, it seems that Nickelodeon has given up the ghost and decided not to continue Zim…but the Invader Zim Fan Animated Series (IZFAS) thinks differently. As the single largest longest-lasting Invader Zim reanimation community in existence, they will be taking center stage at InvaderCON to greet the fans that they animate for. At the entrance, all visitors will receive one raffle ticket toward prizes. The representatives of the group will start off with a collaborative video presentation followed by an introduction and explanation of their mission from the staff members. They will then proceed to hold a question and answer session. They will then hold an Irken sketch art contest, the best of which will receive an honorable mention, have it colored by an IZFAS digital artist, and posted on the community forum for all to enjoy, along with an extra raffle ticket. Lastly, the long-awaited final Nubs of Doom animatic will be displayed via projector and the raffle prizes will be given away. One lucky fan may win an 8GB ipod touch loaded with the Invader Zim episodes and soundtracks!
Make sure to visit the Invader Zim Fan Animated Series panel and join the community, where watching Zim come to life is only half the fun!

Sunday at 4:00 PM in Workshops.


  1. Michelle

    To quote Family Guy: “Freakin’ sweet!” I’ll admit I’ve not heard of them before, but now I’m very curious about them -stalks their website-

  2. As the IZFAS Cheerleader who may or may not be going

    *waves pompoms*

  3. Wow, this is amazing! If anyone who stumbles upon here is willing to animate, please stop by our page, and let us know. We’re always hiring

  4. As an Admin I wish I could, but I will try to be on video chat.

  5. Sheesh, IZFAS is having a panel? Pfft, ha ha.

  6. DX i would go if i could but its too expensive for us to fly from california to altana geogia and back…

  7. im freaking out i cant wait to watch it invader zim is my life

  8. Whoo! So happy to have this up on this site. IZFAS gets so little exposure.

  9. I’ve seen some of the IZFAS’s work on YouTube, and from what I’ve seen of Nubs of Doom so far, I can assume the final product will be amazing. If I get to go, I’m totally stopping by. :)

  10. Invader Chel

    @Kari actually I watch izfas that was only one person that made that nubs and they moved on and izfas didn’t do any work :/

  11. This panel is going to be a train wreck if it happens at all. I gotta see it, but its a tough choice between this mess and the Horvitz Q and A. Damn the scheduler!

  12. As a member of IZFAS going to the con, I can’t WAIT!

  13. IZFAS died completely after the convention. Nubs will never be finished by them. No surprise I guess.

  14. Mista beans (Nar)

    I was really into them for awhile.. but after the convention, I never got any updates or anything from them.. The site has gone dead D:

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