YES! InvaderCON’s Voice Actor Guests will be signing autographs

Richard Horvitz at JACON 2009 in Orlando, Florida

In case you haven’t noticed, weekend admission to InvaderCON is pretty inexpensive compared to other similar conventions.  In order to keep our “at the door” cost down we allow our guests to charge for autographs (similar to larger conventions like Dragon*Con).

Here’s what you need to know about getting a voice actor’s autograph at the convention:

  • An autograph photo from one of the voice actors will cost $20.
  • All of the voice actors will be scheduled at the InvaderCON autograph tables located outside of Main Events throughout the weekend.  (Check the schedule here.)
  • The voice actors may have other items for sale/to sign at the tables (such as CDs) for other prices.
  • You may bring your own items to have signed by the voice actors (DVDs, posters, etc.)  A $20 per autograph fee still applies.  Also, the voice actor may refuse to sign items that are too out of the ordinary… so please use common sense.
  • Please do NOT approach the voice actors regarding autographs during panels or events (like The Dinner of DOOM.)  They will ONLY sign during the times posted at the autograph tables.

We want our attendees AND guests to all have a great time at InvaderCON – so please observe these rules accordingly.  Thanks!


  1. Michelle

    Oh wow. $20 each, huh? -sigh- Looks like there goes yet another $100 or so :(

  2. Huh… 20 bucks a pop, eh? There goes my idea to get my DVD collection signed… ah well.

  3. Sydney

    Well… considering it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to get the main cast of IZ’s autograph’s of all things, I think I can cough up some money for it. There’s just no way that I’d pass up on getting their autographs for anything, so thanks for letting us know the prices, InvaderCON. C:
    Quick question: Is there a limit to the items they can sign like at Dragon*CON?

  4. The Tallest

    @Sydney: There are no limits on the number of items you can have signed. :)

  5. Kendall

    Well…. I might not be able to get Breakfast Tickets now :(…
    I’ll probably end up begging for more money. 😀

  6. Christina Price

    I e-mailed about the Dinner of Doom tickets, but it might’ve gotten lost or something. Anyway, my friend (Juliet…the same person who won the first ticket) gave her dinner ticket to me since she can’t go unfortunately. The only problem is that my name isn’t on it, just hers, so it’d be like I was representing her. Would there be any problems with that? Or maybe a way to change the name?

  7. Oh…

    Nobody said anything about having to pay for autographs. I’ve already spent way too much on this convention already. They may not be worth it for me… :C

  8. Christina

    …Well, now I’m kinda glad I got a second job. x|

  9. colton

    thats ridiculous. whats even more ridiculous is ive already spent over 300 dollars so i can go to this thing and havent even barely scratched the surface. expensive.

  10. The Tallest

    @Colton: Sorry you feel that way… imagine how expensive it would be if we had made the weekend admission tickets as expensive at comparable conventions ($40-$65).

  11. how do you put pics on your posts

  12. Is there a map for this?

  13. That’s depressing. :( At least I’ve got my collection of Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Tool, Local H, Mudhoney, Static-X, Slipknot, Deftones, etc. autographs…all obtained for free.

  14. The Tallest

    @Toni: I take it you’ve never been to a large fan convention like Dragon*Con or San Diego Comic Con?

    @Jade: They layout will be available at the show.

    @Invader Liz: Google “Gravatar”

  15. Wicabeth

    Ouch.. Considering I’m going also for 2 other people, I’m looking at $300 on autographs alone for all of us. At least I still have $30 left over now from my paycheck on Thursday. Note to self: stock up on easy to carry food because you will not be eating much for 4 days.

  16. 20 DOLLARS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sheesh and no irregular items, eh? Come on, if I have to pay $20 I should at least be able to get my cat signed! LOL! Kidding kidding don’t yell at me, My Tallest! Well that does it for me, there is no way I could pay Eighty bucks for everyone’s autograph. Bummer. I wonder how much they charge for a handshake.

  17. The Tallest

    @Rae: No charge for meeting them… that’s part of the admission ticket. :)

  18. Mary Adelyn

    can i go the autograph table and take a picture with them? And if so, does it cost money? And if so, how much does it cost?

  19. does it cost $20 for each thing signed? or all together.

  20. The Tallest

    Each item signed.

  21. And is there a fee for getting a picture with them? I know some cons they do that. Or does it depend on the guest?

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