Did you buy a pass in advance? Then YOU can come to a special panel!!!

If you have already bought your pass (or if you do so before March 19th) then you are invited to very special Preview Panel on Friday night at 8:00 PM in main events with the InvaderCON staff and guests. ย Hear the story behind how InvaderCON got its start and enjoy an early impromptu stage chat with the voice actors and guests from Invader ZIM!

Enjoy a smaller panel environment before the crowds come on Saturday!

Friday at 8:00 PM

NOTE: Registration will be open at 6:00 PM at the convention to pick up your pass before the panel.



  1. WHOO!! I’m getting there by 6:00, so I’m excited we get perks for ordering passes early. ^-^

  2. Christina


  3. Michelle

    Awesome! I’ll be getting there early enough to see Sucker Punch first, then InvaderCon schtuff! 8D

  4. I would love to go, but I’m pressed for time and won’t be able to leave out until Saturday morning. Dang it!

  5. Oh my goodness – I’m SO glad I’m going Friday now! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. cool so cool!!!!! im so glad u guys r going :)

  7. hey my tallest i have an idea u could have a drawing contest?

  8. Sydney

    :’D This just gets better and better. I’ll actually be getting there by 3pm on Friday to check into the hotel, so this is perfect! I’m so excited. C:

  9. i agree with jade art contest will be an awsome idea ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I second the art contest!

  11. Michelle

    An art contest in general, or an art contest held at the preview panel? :/ I don’t particularly want an art contest because that may take away from another event that folks want to go to. If one is held, it should be online before or after the convention. Just my personal opinion.

  12. Kristin (Splee)

    My flight gets in at 6:10-ish, and I still have to get from the airport to my hotel, which will take over an hour…I got the earliest ticket there was.

    Do I still c=have to come on friday to register? I’m confuzzled O.o

  13. The Tallest

    No – you can also register Saturday morning. :)

  14. I wasn’t able to go to this one, will there ever be another? Me and my friends want to know, I never knew about it. I am just curious.. Thank you for your time:)

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