Come to InvaderCON and find out!

Join Operation Head Pigeons for an exciting insight of what they do! This group has been working to resurrect Invader Zim since September and it may just be working! They have organized several rallies attended by thousands for Nickelodeon to bring Zim back into production. Come to the panel and see how and why we should bring Invader Zim back into production!

Sunday at 10:30 AM in Workshops!



  2. Michelle

    Awesome! I don’t have a Facebook so I can’t follow what they’re doing, but I like their initiative, drive, and all-around stubbronness ^_^

  3. azureIIDX

    Spread the infection to the other children! It’s infectious! >:D

  4. Every time I come to the InvaderCon page, I cry because I cannot go. Someone say hi to Andy Berman for me…*cries* anyway, I’ve been a member of the Head Pigeons for a while, and even through my small absence, I can clearly see all of the work we’ve done. Invader Zim has brought us all together. Through all of the raids, a spy or two, and an excessive amount of pigeons, Invader Zim shall never die. VIVA LA INVADER ZIM!!
    Cheers, my Zim friends…

  5. Operation Head Pigeons not only has a page on facebook, but also a formspring and a website of their own. The website is operationheadpigeons.yolasite.com and their formspring name is “Tallestandcb” (as in, the almighty Tallests and Control Brains of the page).

  6. god ill do anything to bring zim back

  7. Will Sarah Touzet be there?

  8. LOL, how did OHP get a panel? All they do is make phone calls and make comments on facebook. What are they going to do at the 30 minute panel? Call Nick to death?

  9. i will sell my soul to the devil himself to get invader zim back

  10. I’ve been following them and have been a member ever since I found them on Facebook!

  11. Invader Anna


  12. You idiots.
    You do nothing but harrass.
    How immature.

  13. Jackie

    WOW rlly? It is hard to see that OHP gets a panle like all the other hard wrking groups. all they do is call nickelodeon and lie about their progres. if zim doesn’t come back I blame OHP.

  14. Hmm. That was nice Rae. How very mature of yourself to call us names. Hmm.

    Wish I could be there, but unfortunately, I am poor. XD Many states away.
    Tallest Sarah says she MIGHT be there…? She has something extravagantly important to do on that EXACT DAY. She’s trying to get the date of it changed, but if not, she will not be attending. D:

  15. Jackie

    Well look whos talking you guys are just a bunch of gir lvers and you lie about jhonen calling you and about all ur progress soooo ya good luck at ur panel whle you call nick and we watch. u promised new zim episodes a long time ago and nothing happened.

  16. Operation Head Pigeons is a lie imho. Do u honestly thing a HUGE company like nick would name one of its products after a decently sized facebook group, think not

  17. Revolution (Noun):
    A radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence.
    Obviously there won’t be violence over airing a TV show, but here is the thing. OHP, you are trying to make some kind of Revolution, but you lack something. Skill. Napoleon won the French Revolution because he had Military Skills, a powerful skill. Lenin toppled the Russian Czar system and Established Communism through solid promises and appealing to a target group that was actually able to help them. A good skill, a social one at that. What skill do you have? Calling up Nickelodeon about 100 times a day telling them to un-cancel a show that won’t even be ZIM should Nick Magiclly fold? Calling them over and over does nothing. It pisses people off. They are gonna block you guys or get a new phone number. When a company like Nick says no, just give up. They won’t budge. They are making money without Zim and so it doesn’t matter to them if Zim is uncancelled. All you’re doing is being annoying and embarressing yourselves. If you actually WANTED to bring the show back, then you would do something that ACTUALLY HELPS. Like getting people with skills to Animate and Voice act and actually MAKE the show. Seriously, for all I know you guys could just be built up of GIR fans. Just cause you saw his face on a Shirt doesn’t mean you are a Zim fan. It means you make Nick more money.

  18. uwillnevermeetmee


  19. Chelsea

    OHP is so pointless. Why do you guys even get a panel? All you do is call nick and harrass them while other groups like IZFAS and Soapy Waffles work hard to make the episodes. They have given more new Zim animation then you guys ever will. It’s those kinds of groups that we appreciate, not some group of talentless Gir weenies that harrass nick on their iphones. It’s those kinds of panels that I’ll actually show up at. Why don’t you stop lying to everybody and get a life.

  20. Griffon123

    We have life bring tech 😀

  21. Griffon123


  22. Griffon123

    And ur missing one thing in ur speech those all involved Fighting as In weapons what do u want u to do hold everyone at Nick HQ hostage till they sign something that makes them to have zim for like 100 years!?

  23. Griffon123

    And if u get on operation head pigeons U WILL FIND BARLY ANY GIR THERE MOSTLY ZIM DIB AND IRKENS AND GAZ!

  24. Whoa! I bet a tomato vendor could make bank at the entrance to this panel’s room.

  25. Michelle

    Can everyone just calm the heck down? There are a couple of panels I’m scratching my head over as well (I won’t name names), but is the blatant immaturity really necessary? This is why Jhonen hates his fans: the ones that stand out are the immature people who do nothing but throw insults and harass people. I’m not taking sides, but for cripes’ sake, just calm down. No one’s forcing you to go to any panel, so if you don’t like it, don’t go. Just be glad we’re getting a convention like this at all. -bows out before the second bloodbath starts-

  26. Ummm…yeah I’m pretty sure Operation Doom is a reference to Operation Impending Domm II not Operation Head Pigeons. if you call calling nick work you guys are even stupider than i thought. and i don’t believe you guys are the reason for the reruns but CONGRATS i bow to you. is that what you want to hear? there is no proof beyond what you idiots are saying so why should we believe it? why would a huge company like nick listen to a bunch of screaming gir fantards whining about how they love zim? and it’s really stupid how you guys say “if you don’t support OHP you are not a true zim fan”. maybe we just have brains.

  27. Also, if they really WERE making the unfinished episodes, it would be EVERYWHERE. there hasn’t been a single announcement about it. And nick never mentions you at all. soooooo

  28. Amy Perez

    WOOT!! GO HEAD PIGEONS!! I love you guys and im currently trying to get my butt to the con so i can meet u all! i follow u all on facebook and ilove what u all do! dont bother listening to haters and thankz to you i have a ton of invader zim merchandise ^-^ i hope to see you soon and if i cant ill cry for like a week but yeah tell the voice cast i love thme espically Richard Horvetz (i might of misspelled it lol) have fun at invaderCon and try not to blow up the place ^-^ I <3 u all!!

  29. Opera Phantomess

    All of you OHP haters take so much time bashing the group and its members. And you call them immature? Hypocrites. You are only doing the same thing you claim to hate so much; spamming, harassing, and trolling. At the same time, you are coming up with speculations and stating they are facts in an attempt to back up your testimonies, which are based more on immaturity and a need to just attack those that believe in something you do not rather than one hundred percent stone hard physical fact.

    If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say it. The group was offered the panel; the leaders did not even ask for one. Get your facts straight before rambling on about “I HATE OP BECAUSE BLAH BLAH BLAH”. I will also point at there are also flaws in the OHP supporter comments with there being false information as well, but really, this whole back and forth thing is beyond ridiculous, pathetic, and in bad taste for a convention that celebrates the one thing we all have in common: our love for Invader Zim.

    I feel sorry for the people running this convention, the special guests, and those on a more neutral stand point because this whole rivalry bulls**t is going to ruin the experience of the convention for all. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and realize this petty nonsense is getting on everyone’s nerves and putting a sour taste in all of their mouths. Grow up, and drop the subject please for the sake of Mr. Vasquez and his creation, Invader Zim.

  30. You attackers are killing me. First of all, what we are doing is perfectly legal. There’s a ‘right to assembly and petition’ after all.

    Second, the IZFAS may be working ‘hard’ to get new episodes made themselves, but think on that. They can get it done whenever they want. They’re not on a schedule. We are. We have to be.

    Third, we don’t openly brag about how much better OHP is than IZFAS which the IZFAS seems to be doing. We have rules in place that should help prevent the screaming OMGIRs from spamming deviantart and youtube. IZFAS has an easier job than us. They have unlimited time, and they just get their work done themselves. Not saying that animating things is a piece of cake- it’s not.

    OHP, however, has a harder job. They are up against all of Nickelodeon. Every executive; every writer; everyone. Yet the interesting ting is- we’re winning.

    I don’t find it coincidence that 3,000 people once called on the same day. Then, Nick organizes a meeting with Jhonen to talk over Zim’s return. A little later, they announce Operation Doom. Operation Doom is the ONLY new IZ DVD. There hasn’t been a new one since forever.

    They tell us that there is a high chance of Zim’s return if the DVD sells well. Then, we break the record for most-sold-on-day-of-release.

    Besides, our new rules tell the members to be less obnoxious. The leaders of OHP are actually very smart and clever; however crazy they look.

    We are as unhappy with some of our members as you are. Still, keep in consideration exactly what OHP is doing for you. The voice actors and Jhonen have said that they would, in fact, return to the show if it were to return.

    ~C.B. Meadow

  31. Aaaaahhhhhaaaahhhhhaaaah! My organs will implode with overwhelming amounts of joy if Invader Zim came back~ There’s only so long you can watch the current episodes… and babble along non-nonsensically attempting-and failing-to quote everything… before you realize that your life is meaningless and empty without MORE! Ahh… I really wish I’d heard about the con sooner so I could gooooooo.

  32. Control Brain Jackie

    Hey all, Control Brain Jackie here this time.

    Since Meadow and Opera Phantomess have pretty much counter-argued the haters for me, here’s a message to our supporters:

    Don’t freak out at the haters, okay? It makes us look bad if our members gang up on unsuspecting trolls and start yelling our heads off. Just let the CBs handle it if you don’t think you can keep your tempers in check, and if you do, please counter-argue them with logics, facts, and puke-your-guts-out niceness. That’s really the only way to win, is if you’re so unbearably nice that you make them your friends.

    Unorthodox, perhaps, but it looks better for us if we all seem to be a group of extremely nice, capable-of-proper-grammar/capitalization/spelling, and painfully stubborn Earth/Irk/Vort-monkeys.

    ~Control Brain Jackie

  33. Yeah, after everything we’ve been through, we’ve made rules to stop those certain members from harassing others. We have RULES, you know! Plus, soapy waffles and izfas are awesome, and it is real hard to do what they’re are doing. BUT there is no one stopping them from animating the episodes. Nick, the owner of the show we all love, is the one stopping us from achieving our goal, so the only way for new IZ episodes to release is by getting Nick to agree with us. As long as soapy waffles and izfas have the people and skill to make episodes, they can and nothing can stop them. First we need to get past Nick, and that’s not very easy either.

  34. Anonymous

    “Zim was cancelled in, what? 2002? I mean, babies have been born… have learned how to walk; have begun gathering the necessary essentials to succeed in life, so it’s… it’s forever ago for me!” – Jhonen Vasquez.

    Given that this was said by the creator of the show itself, I don’t think online protests are going to sway his decision. 😐 The show was getting worse as it continued and it ended at a perfect point. So please, Zimfags, realize Invader Zim isn’t coming back, and no amount of “likes” on Facebook is going to change that.

    Also, in the final Invader Zim episode/movie, it was planned for all Irkens to die. Frankly, I’d rather them stay alive, and so would a lot of people.

    [Judging by the comments on this page, I don’t blame Jhonen for hating most of his fans, either. Just saying.]

    I’d rather not a show go from great to shitty. The show, in my opinion, was amazing, but got worse as it ran for a while (Gradually), and it went to the level of being mediocre. If it continued, it would’ve gone to complete hell. I don’t hate Invader Zim, which is exactly why I don’t want to see it die in such a horrible way, like a lot of shows did/are still doing.
    It’ll turn into the “Naruto” of Nickelodeon. Move on, guys.

  35. TACOS!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU GIR!!!!!!

  36. May I say that Operation Head Pigeons is not calling Nick anymore? So most of the comments above are pretty out of date.

    Also, I can state one time Nick mentioned OHP (that I know of): “Hey Zim fans, take a break from Operation Head Pigeon and turn your TV on to Nicktoons. There’s a 24 hour #InvaderZim marathon on right now!”

    Not ONLY did OHP get reruns of Invader Zim back on air (which has gone back to only showing from 2-2:30 in the mornings where I live), they got the Operation Doom to be released, Hot Topic to start selling more Zim merchandise, and some other things.

    Calling OHP members “idiots” is very immature, and I suggest people who can only say “anyone in ohp are idiots because all they do is blar blar blah blerg hurrr” should not even bother trying to talk to members.

    People who actually have something to say, can say it in an intelligent manner, and actually supply their opinions with facts are people who are worth taking a minute or two to talk to.

    @Rae, actually, most OHP members are usually doing something very productive. The leaders of OHP are probably not “harrassing” as much as you think.

    @Jackie, OHP is really trying to bring Zim back on air. I mean, like, really trying. I’m sure everyone would be happy if Nick would just go, “Fine, here’s the show.” and put it back on air, but Nick has to provide an argument. That would be very immature to blame OHP if they failed to revive Zim. The show has been off air for years, so if OHP fails, what difference would it make to you? And for your information, many people out there don’t just care about “GiR GiR GiR GiR!!!!”. Some /actually/ like Zim, Dib, Ms. Bitters, Gaz, ect. My friend Sarah M. likes GiR. Not to the point that she’s an OMGiR or GiR-tard, but to the point he’s “okay”. In my opinion, I hate GiR. I don’t HATE him, but I could do with less OMGiRs. Also, who said that Jhonen /ever/ called OHP??? Lying about progress? They haven’t actually posted much news /on/ our progress. They don’t /have/ to. Look at the Operation Doom DVD. Look at the Zim merchandise at Hot Topic. Nick even mentioned OHP on Twitter.

    @Zacko, Nick didn’t name Operation Doom after OHP. They named it as in “Operation Impending Doom II”. Though some people may get confused on that, as you seemed to have to.

    @Dax, Very good argument. I have to disagree, though. Like the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

    @uwillnevermeetmee, Please calm down, turn your caps lock off, and be a bit more mature.

    @Chelsea, To you, OHP may be the most pointless thing /ever/. I respect your opinion. Saying a group that actually /has/ worked hard doesn’t deserve a panel is like saying a man that has worked hard doesn’t deserve a pay check. Okay, bad comparison, but you know what I mean. Anyways, it is your choice not to support OHP or anything, but telling OHP members to get a life is a bit immature. Who are you to tell us we have no right to petition for a show that everyone commenting on here loves/is a fan of?

    @Griffon123, Please calm down. Don’t yell at haters/anti-OHP people. They’re just providing their opinions, which everyone /is/ entitled to their own opinion.

    @Meef, Sadly, that sounds about accurate, if you’ve read all of the comments. :(

    @Craig, Totally agree. 100%

    @Anonymous, I half-heartedly agree with you. But like I said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And we are devoted to Zim coming back on air.

  37. If Invader Zim ever came back on air, I would be able to die happily. First, I would scream with the overwelming joy of it being back on, and then I would simply explode. But then I’d reassemble myself to watch the rest of the episode :)

  38. bring zim back!i can see why everyone is upset it was clearly better than fairly odd parents. who cares about bloody gir anyway that pic was freaki’n awesome

  39. invader Neo


  40. Yeah, I agree with twik. PEACE, LOVE, and OTHER SENTIMENTAL CRAP!!! We of OHP should work with and support soapy waffles and other sites who support bringing Zim back. We all work towards the same goal. I support them ALL!!

  41. i am definately the pigeon on Zims head……

  42. I hope we are successful! Nicely put Twik! Were just like any other fan group who’s trying to get their show back and the thing is, were succeeding. So, if you dont like that, why are you here, going off at us? We work hard and all of us Head Pigeons have become family. Also, how can u judge someone you’ve never met? How can YOU judge our admins when you know nothing about what they do and who they are? Most have us range from anywhere from 13 to 20 something. Those 13 year olds seem to be more mature than someof you on here. None of us has gotten a call from JV as far as i know and lieing about that doesnt make you right. We dont harrass Nick either. We try to be mature about this all because it’s the only way they’ll listen to us. We know what were doing and if you guys dont like that, well, who said you had to be involved? Were a fangroup working together for a purpose and we’ll do anything to succeed. So, sorry to those who hate how we want something soo much. Just leave us be, none of this has anything to do with you. OHP will succeed in my opinion. Were a family who doesnt giveup.

    ~Invader Jessica

  43. invader annie

    I really don`t understand why so many people are arguing about this! It`s really just making you look like a bully. We all deserve a say, but do you really have to degrate people like that? I respect everyone`s opinion on this, and I just really hope you don`t treat people like this in person.
    ~Invader Annie \(lol)/ screaming potato! ;D

  44. Invader zim is awesome i think they should bring back invader zim and gir and dib did you know that people think that invader zim was canceled because of bloody gir but bloody gir was created after invader zim was canceled so it wasn’t bloody gir

  45. Todd Casil

    Almost the entire cast supports OHP, dear misinformed haters.

  46. Foolish earth scum.
    Zim is not coming back’ he’s oooh sweets yum slup mmmm
    What? you are still here?
    Off switch … OK who has the remote.
    Ohhh puppets … ha ha he fell down!
    3 years!
    Yes, yes, destroy all life on the planet and convert it to a golf course.
    Where was I?
    … not coming back ever!

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