Eric Trueheart Lies About Writing For Invader ZIM (The Panel)

Ever wonder what went on behind the scenes during the scripting of “Invader ZIM?” Now you can come no closer to the truth as actual ZIM writer Eric Trueheart — author of such fan favorites as ZIM Eats Waffles, Bad Bad Rubber Piggy, and Return of the King: More Hugging — spins lies, disinformation and falsehoods on how those ZIM-words were put to paper! Topics may or may not include “Stuff We Never Did,” “How an Stupid Idea at Lunch Becomes a Real Live Script Against All Good Sense,” and “The Mysterious Verb Beavers.”

TWO PANELS! Saturday at 2:00 PM and again Sunday at 12:00 PM (both in Workshops)


  1. Alohilani

    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies/(Tell me, tell me lies)/Oh no, no, you can’t disguise/(You can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise)

  2. traycon3

    You…you need some punctuation there because it sounded like he lied about writing for IZ, lol.


  3. Sarah 8D

    THATS SO AWESOME! Besides me meeting Richard Horvitz (IM HIS BIGGEST FAN *foams at mouth*), this is the event I’m looking forward to the most!!
    And uh..Alohilani, I’m one of your BIGGEST fans..XD. You rock!

  4. Michelle

    Hooray for lying! ^_^

  5. Best lie I’ll ever hear :)

  6. so beast 😀

  7. Myra Phasten

    😉 Cute!

  8. Invader Planty

    I thought it meant that Eric didn’t write for Invader Zim.
    I think you need to learn about puncuation.

    Let’s eat Grandpa!


    Let’s eat, Grandpa!

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