Recent Questions Regarding Refunds…

We recently have had to refund a few tickets for the Dinner of DOOM due to a guest cancellation.  This has brought on a couple of emails/questions regarding other potential refunds.  Please note: InvaderCON tickets, to the convention and to premium events, are non-refundable per the disclaimer you agreed to in Eventbrite upon your purchase.

The disclaimer reads as follows on all the tickets:

By submitting the online form with payment the purchaser and/or ticket/membership holder acknowledges and agrees to the following:

-A photo ID is required to pickup all pre-ordered tickets and that the name on the ticket must match the name on the photo ID.

-Each attendee is responsible for any and all damages he/she may cause to convention or hotel property.

-Each attendee recognizes that InvaderCON and Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc. are not responsible for his/her lost, stolen, or damaged property.

-Each attendee understands that his/her InvaderCON ticket/membership is non-refundable/non-transferable.

-Each attendee understands that if he/she violates convention or hotel rules, it could result in revocation of his/her InvaderCON ticket/membership.

-Each attendee understands his/her badge must be worn in plain sight and is required to enter all convention activities, and that InvaderCON is not responsible for lost badges.

-Each attendee understands that InvaderCON is not a babysitting service and that all unaccompanied minors and actions by those minors are still the responsibility of the minor’s parent(s) or guardian(s).

-Each attendee understands that he/she, his/her child(ren) or ward or on the behalf of the aforementioned waive any claims against and release Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc., its officers, agents, volunteers, and sponsors from all liability for any and all claims, demands, losses or damages on account of any discipline imposed for failure to behave accordingly, and on account of any injury, including death and property damage, whether caused by accident, negligence or otherwise.


  1. Brittany Brown

    I understand that the rule stands that the tickets are non-transferable, however, I have absolutely no chance of attending, and since there was a guest cancellation, I am stuck with two tickets to the breakfast that someone else (who had to give up on the dinner of doom) genuinely might appreciate. Can any kind of exception be made if I give up my tickets for free through Green Mustard (I don’t expect any kind of refund, but I would like to make the seats available if this is at all possible)?

    Additionally, this means I won’t be attending the regular con, as well, at least unless some miracle happens, and I would give a definite answer before any kind of agreement would be made.

  2. The Tallest

    @Brittany: There would be no way for us to create an exception in this case… especially this close to the event. Sorry. :(

  3. how to you recieve the tickets?

  4. So how do you buy the online passes? (The before-March 31st one.)

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