InvaderCON Costume Contest (Saturday)

1. Use Common sense.
2. This contest is a family oriented event. Please keep all costumes to a “PG-13” rating. (No nudity, etc.)
3. No “cosplay”. This is a costume contest, and performing on stage can get you disqualified. For performance, please see the cosplay contest on Sunday.
4. No store bought costumes. You can buy elements of the costume, but please disclose which parts are purchased during judging. (If you lie about it, we’ll know. We always know.)
5. You must have purchased an entry for InvaderCON in order to enter/be on stage for the costume contest.
6. Only one entry per person and you must be present to win. (We hate mailing prizes.)
7. All weapons and props must conform with a) the InvaderCon event rules, b) the Marriot Century Center rules, and c) local laws concerning carrying a weapon. If in doubt, don’t do it.
8. No group entries.
9. We are not responsible for the judge’s lack of knowledge of your character. If you think that your costume might be obscure to the “general public,” then please bring a reference photo.
10. InvaderCON management reserve the right to modify, update, or amend the rules at any time… just in case.
11. An adult must accompany all contestants under the age of 16. The adult doesn’t have to be on stage during the presentation or backstage ahead of time – just in the audience.
12. InvaderCon may tape or photograph contest entries at its discretion. Entry into this contest constitutes an agreement by the entrants to allow InvaderCon to use their likeness/image, etc in any current/future advertisement, promotion, or product.
13. Bad behavior, trash talking and poor sportsmanship will be frowned upon. Unruly behavior will get you kicked out of the event, if not the convention. So mind your manners and don’t be rude.

If you have any questions regarding the rules, please email us at

BEST Alien
BEST Human
BEST Junior (13 years old or younger)
BEST Bloatie

Saturday at 3:30 PM in Main Events


  1. Alohilani


  2. They all have to be characters from the show, right? Not OCS….? Cause if so, I’ll have to modify my costume a bit. I just want to know.

  3. Kendall

    LOL Best Bloatie
    I wonder if anyone will dress up as Bloatie….

  4. I sure hope there are Bloatie… Jhonen posted in his blog about Invadercon that he is devastated hes never seen one. Surely some of his massive, freakish fans will want to please him. 😐

  5. Michelle

    Can we participate in both the cosplay and costume contests? I’m still puzzled over the difference aside from “no performing”. I blame this on my years going to conventions where there’s either a hall contest for those who don’t want to be on stage and the masquerade where you can perform a skit or a walk-on xD

  6. Karissa

    Hehe, I hope I’m going to win the best human contest.

  7. The Tallest

    @Tina: Where in the rules does it say you can’t be an OCS?

  8. whats ocs? and how do u get in the contest?

  9. Michelle

    @jade: Original characters. Registration is done at the convention. Look at the event schedule :)

  10. hey michelle thanks for the info what costume are you gonna be?

  11. So I have a question… I buy all items of my costumes but I modify them… would I have to list every single thing I bought, or would it work to just say ‘I bought everything you see here clothing-wise and made the rest’?

  12. Sweet! I am so happy! I didn’t want to modify my costume x3 *does a little dance*

  13. I’m going for Best Junior!:D

  14. Awesome, wish I could come… Still! *Cries* Whhhyyyyy?!?!?!?

  15. Jess Jean

    Just one question: I’m going as Zim in his GERMS outfit (soooo attractive in my showercap) but I’ve got my own personal aerosol can of “GERM AWAY”. Am I allowed to bring it onstage? I won’t use it or spray it around, it’s just to try and win some brownie-points. x

  16. whats best in show? is that anybody?

  17. The Tallest

    @Jade: Correct. Best overall costume.

  18. The Tallest

    As long as the spray doesn’t actually work (i.e. spray contents.)

  19. like mimi the cat taks robot can be in best of show?

  20. Invader Jinx

    I hope there will be some people there who have the fan fic read brb suicide, because I’m going as the brb suicide style zim!

  21. Michelle

    @jade: Best in Show is the person whose costume is considered the most well-made. If someone dressed up as one of the mutant vermin things in “Mortos der Soulstealer” and it was the best constructed and presented, it could win Best in Show. If all you do is throw on a black coat and spray your hair black and call yourself Dib, you’re not going to win Best in Show. The title says it all 😉 Of course, I don’t know how this contest will be judged and what criteria the judges are looking for, but best constructed and presented is generally what wins.

  22. BittyCole

    @Invader Jinx….. now THIS I HAVE to see. Be sure to credit NeoFox though, she might be there!

  23. what do you mean by best bloatie? and also best in show?

  24. Invader Mel

    Im still deciding which would be easier…zim or gir? because i would LOVE to make either one….and if i make gir…am i allowed to bring a plush piggy toy on the stage? or maybe a fake taco? *i know they are harmless…im just wondering if you’ll check them….* SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT THOUGH!!!!!

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