Ten Facts About the 2nd InvaderCON (DOOMCON) convention

When we first created the idea of InvaderCON in 2010 we knew that there were a lot of Invader ZIM enthusiasts out there that would enjoy meeting fellow fans along with some of the television show’s creative talent.  We had a good feeling that convention would be a success and, based on the turnout and subsequent reviews, it was.

It wasn’t until AFTER InvaderCON actually happened in March of 2011, though, that the convention’s popularity REALLY took off.  Hundreds of new fans discovered the convention (which was designed from the beginning to be a one time event) via word of mouth, social media, and this YouTube video.  We started getting emails and messages asking us to do it again.

So here we are… talking about creating InvaderCON II: DOOMCON.  It would be an encore presentation of our original event and would happen only once.  (READ: This will not be an annual event.)  You’ve heard the buzz on teh Interwebz; you’ve seen posts on Facebook hinting at it; folks are tweeting on Twitter about it; but let’s skip past all the hype and get down to facts.  Here you go:

  1. We are 90% certain that there will be a 2nd InvaderCON.
  2. The event will be called InvaderCON II: DOOMCON.
  3. It will take place on or near the end of July or the beginning of August in 2012.
  4. It will take place in one of two locations.
  5. One of the potential two locations is NOT on the list of the four states that we mentioned on Facebook.  We picked it after listing those.
  6. The other potential location is based on availability of certain persons for the convention.
  7. The original guests from the first InvaderCON have all (tentatively) agreed to return.
  8. Based on a number of elements (including location) the cost of tickets will be higher this time around.  We’re doing our best, though, to minimize this as much as possible.
  9. The “Dinner of DOOM” and the “I’m Makin’ Waffles! Breakfast” are both slated to return.  (Both sold out at the original InvaderCON online in a matter of moments.)
  10. We want to announce something official before the beginning of August… but we can’t make any promises at this time.
Hopefully this will curb some of the speculation that has been going on.  Thanks again for everyone’s support for this crazy little project of ours.  We appreciate all of you!
-The InvaderCON Tallest



  1. OMFG, I HOPE THIS HAPPENS! I REEEEAAALLY HOPE THIS HAPPENS. It’d make mah life.. O___O the moment, anyway.

  2. Invader Vyn

    I will wish for only this for Christmas.

  3. Elite Aez

    Prof. Membrane and the Almighty Tallest’s voice actors should join us! That’d be really cool.

  4. invader BRI

    my little sister and I absolutely love invader zim and doomcon would rock so if possable email me about, when ware and the amount of money we need please. or if not ill just keep cheking every hour.

  5. invader Zia

    does invadercon happen once a year?

  6. IZfangirl1

    If there is another Invadercon please if you can email me!!

  7. ZimZimmy1

    eh i might go depends….

  8. i wish it cud be an annual event, cuz i can’t go all the way to california!and i didn’t go last yaer, and i REAALLY wanted to go this one….this could be a really good way to raise money and stuff to make new IZ episodes!!!is there ANY possible way it could be annual? the cast seems to get along fine…..

  9. I wish they’d come to Canada.. Ah well.

  10. The only way I’ll be able to go is if it’s in Chicago. ;.; I live in Missouri. Meeting the voice cast is my all time dream.


    when is it and where is it at?

  12. Invader Zezix

    Please try to have it in ohio or somewere neer there. Im about to spen a YEARS worth of allowance so i can get three tickets to go! (1 for me,a friend and my friends mother.)

  13. ImmolationPiggieOfDoom

    Alright. Last year, me and twenty or sofriends found out about Invader Con. We were so excited, we gathered up ALL the spare change we could, and had around twenty bucks, for those who were short on money and the like. In fact, some of us were garunteed we could go by our parents. (NOT ME.) Then, my mother dropped a bomb. Me and my younger brother, who had organized the whole thing, would not be allowed to go. No one else would go withot us. (For some unknown reason I would have gone without me.) And now, I swear to God, you people have made my entire suckish week seem amazing. I even happen to live near one of the possible locations. Really, I just want to thank you guys. For giving me another chance. I was so dissapointed, really, thank you so much. Be looking for a girl wearing a sign, announcing her screen name as seen above at the con folks. Maybe I’ll make it this time.


    Embrace the Madness. It’s all we have left.

  14. This just has to be in california cause that would be the only way for my sister and I to go and to us it a dream come true all we need is informaion and monies and if we do see you soon I wish luck to everyone else so everyone can have a BLAST at…INVADERCON2:DOOMCON duhn duhn DUHN if you do see me there though I will be very short and very quiet and very 12ish 😀  see you around everyone godbless you!!!

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