Aaron Alexovich

Character Designer/ Comic Artist Aaron Alexovich’s first professional art job was drawing deformed children for Invader ZIM. ¬†Since then he’s been deforming children for various animation and comic projects, including Avatar: The Last Airbender, DC’s Fables, Disney’s Haunted Mansion, and his own books, Kimmie66, ELDRITCH! (with Drew Rausch), and three volumes of the spookycute witch series Serenity Rose. ¬†Aaron currently lives in Southern California, where the bright light makes him sneeze for mysterious reasons.

Official Website: www.HeartShapedSkull.com

  • Aaron will be available for autograph signings throughout the day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Aaron is attending the Dinner of DOOM!
  • Aaron is attending the I’m Makin’ Waffles Breakfast.